George & Michael Accounting Services Kft. perceives the solution is designed to enable enterprise customers to use the platform to access a portfolio of accounting services. Customer can choose all relevant accounting services for their needs, like profit and loss statement, balance sheet development, expense calculation, payroll management, and many other accounting activities.

The focus on innovation and accounting technology has enabled the company to successfully manage the rapid growth of its business and to build scalable systems to meet its growth requirements.

Unlike many of its competitors, the company owns and operates its own proprietary software, which gives it improved operating margins and more control over its platform in order to respond to competitive challenges.

Finance and accounting services can help to reduce operating costs by managing outsourced transactional activities. The company will also take advantage of labor arbitrage, providing integrated processes with application and infrastructure systems to achieve cost competitiveness.

To successfully sell the company’s products and services, it generally must educate potential customers regarding the use and benefit of the products and services, which can require significant time and resources. Many of the potential customers are large enterprises that generally take longer to make significant contributions.

George & Michael Accounting Services Kft. has a solid background in overseeing and hands-on day-to-day accounting functions as


  • Implement Journal Entries transactions
  • Implement the periodical inter-company, accruals and adjustment Journal entries
  • Implement full General Ledger reconciliation


  • Direct Accounts Payable (Credit Controlling)
  • Direct Account Receivable (Billing/Collections)
  • Direct Cash Forecasting preparation (Collections/Disbursement)
  • Direct inventory and Fixed Assets management


Conduct all consolidated accounting financial reporting in compliance with IAS, IFRS and US-GAAP for internal and external use purposes.

  • Prepare the periodical consolidated trial balance & financial statements including P&L and balance sheet.
  • Prepare the annual/month-end close reports package including all financial analytical/ summaries spreadsheets reports.
  • Prepare the HCFC/Flash analysis of actual-to-plan performance reports.
  • Prepare the monthly/periodical tax reports and the annual statutoryfinancial reports for tax return filing.
  • Prepare the instant detailed ad-hoc reports for management.
  • Prepare the remediation reports to ensure compliance to SOX regulations (for the US public multinational firms only).


  • Ensure all accounting functions and financial statements are implemented in compliance with IAS, IFRS and US-GAAP and all accounting transactions are maintained in the corporate accounting software package and
  • Conduct the company accounting and finance policies.
  • Assist and facilitate the internal and external CPA audit as also preparing all the requested audit standards reports for the CPA audit firms (working with Big 4).