Mission Statement

The George & Michael Accounting Services Kft.’s mission is to provide a full suite of dependable and quality service of accounting, bookkeeping and financial reporting preparation in compliance with IAS, IFRS & US-GAAP, being made available mainly to serve the small business of the local and multinational entities in all sectors of business in Europe and USA.

We shall endeavor to provide our services in a comprehensive and cost-competitive manner, while providing our customer care advantage.


George & Michael Accounting Services Kft. seek to lunch a leading accounting services platform that operates in regional and industry-specific markets and plans to have a significant presence in the market and become a leading provider of accounting and financial reporting services company in the regional environment.

Key to Success

George & Michael Accounting Services Kft. pursue the key to success for the accounting business includes:

  • Building trust with clients
  • Maintaining up-to-date professional on accounting practices
  • Going beyond saving clients money to proposing how they can increase their revenues
  • Legal and ethical practices when it comes to transparency and reporting

The success depends upon the ability to accurately determine the features and functionality required by customers and to design and implement accounting administration products that meet these requirements in a timely and efficient manner.

The company also has to monitor and find new trends in this business segment.